Hi there, I'm Noah 👋

I produce technical content for developers to educate them on both high-level concepts, and the nitty gritty. I also write daily as I believe that a daily writing habit is what brought me above the poverty line during the pandemic. You'll find a collection of my writings here, please let me know if you find any of them useful, I always want to talk to readers.

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A little cartoon man standing beside a huge laptop that is in a crystalline desert filled with rubies

Vector Search App With Ruby On Rails

Aug 5, 2023
How to add Vector Search To A Ruby On Rails App
picture of person sitting on a beach with a doodle of a lanky skeleton they just drew

Daily Writing

Jan 24, 2023
In this post I talk about what daily writing has done for me, and how others can start
Abstract styled artwork showing similar looking data

Account Data Matching exploit

Sep 6, 2022
Anchor - Account Data Matching exploit
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